S a j a l S o l u t i o n s

Who We Are?

Sajal Solutions incorporated in 2012, is a global provider of IP communication, Cellular Industry Facilitation, Network & Wireless Technologies and Call Center Solutions & Technologies. Along with being best VOIP Provider in Pakistan, Sajal Solutions also provides services like Dedicated Lines, DID & Toll-Free Numbers, Eyebeam Minutes & Web Development.

We Provide A to Z Termination. By “A to Z” we mean (Afghanistan to Zimbabwe) which represents the availability of our services in all the countries, where mobile or landline service is operational.

We proudly provide DID services for 170+ countries. For more details, visit our DID Rates page.

Best Features

  • Toll-Free

    A toll-free number (TFN) serves as a crucial bridge between businesses and their customers, offering a convenient and cost-effective means of communication. It eliminates barriers for consumers, allowing them to reach out without incurring any charges, thereby enhancing accessibility and fostering trust. At our company, we recognize the significance of TFNs in facilitating seamless connections and optimizing customer engagement. Partner with us to harness the power of toll-free numbers and elevate your brand's communication strategy to new heights.

  • DID Services

    Sajal Solutions provide DID [Direct Inward Dialing] Service with Best Quality and very economical rates. We provide world-wide DID numbers with 170+ countries. It is our first priority to provide out clients “The Best Service”. Because of our such unmatched efforts, Sajal Solutions has  200+ customers for its DID services. Along with DID services, Sajal Solutions provide IVR and Channels as well. We also provide Toll-free numbers for many countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and many more countries. For more details, please visit our DID Rates page.

  • Our ASR

    ASR is answer-seizure ratio. In simple words it is used to measure the ratio between dialed calls and connected calls. Sajal Solutions has a very competitive ratio of 65% in aspect of ASR. We strive to provide best possible service to our customers. Sajal Solutions technical team work on daily basis to maintain and increase this ratio. We want to create an ideal situation where less and less number of dialed calls get failed.

  • Our VOIP

    VOIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol. It means, VOIP is a method or technology which can deliver voice communication and multimedia sessions using internet. It is a telephony service. Sajal Solutions provide with this service in its best quality. VOIP is one of the major products of Sajal Solutions. Visit our page of VOIP rates to view detailed VOIP rates.

  • Free Consultation

    Yes! Sajal Solutions provides a free consultation service, not only for our customers but for all. If you’re facing any issue related to the service we provide, you can enjoy our experts advice. It will be our pleasure to help you out. Experts at Sajal Solutions can facilitate you with their experience in this field. All you have to do is to contact us and enjoy our free consultation service


Our Clients

We have helped many organizations and statups. Here are a few.

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